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Oneness with God

  Most Holy Place and Oneness with God: The Most Holy Place is described as a state of living in the fullest presence of the Holy Ghost, where believers become one with God not only in spirit but also in soul and body. Desire for Oneness with God: The passage suggests that many believers desire to experience oneness with God, a place where nothing hinders God's full manifestation in their spirit, soul, and body. Key to Revelation: The author asserts that the key to understanding the book of Revelation lies in Jesus Christ's desire to appear fully in believers, encompassing spirit, soul, and body. Purpose of God's Revelation: The purpose of God's revelation, as outlined in the book of Revelation, is presented as the removal of hindrances to Jesus Christ's appearance in believers, ultimately leading to the fulfillment of God's purpose. Transformation of Believers: The goal is for believers to become the Temple of God, with living waters flowing out from within, sy
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The always coming one!

THE ALWAYS COMING ONE: Revelation-1-4 John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto u, and peace, from him WHICH IS, and WHICH WAS, and WHICH IS TO COME; and from the Seven Spirits which are before the Throne: God always wants to start in the now, present perspective, then show us the what was of the past, then bring us , move us, toward our future that is manifested in the Christ. These Three perspectives are very important,  John is told to write in this same perspective, except when he writes there is a slight Order change Revelation-1-19 write the things thou hast seen,  write the things which are because of what you have seen done, then write the future things, u need to see past done, finished things, that are established, it is done, it is a finished thing, because Christ finished what it was, then they are, they become a Reality, not something that is not done, but a finished reality to bring about something that is, then write about the future things. Then the be


RESTING, SITTING DOWN IN REST WITH CHRIST:  He was crucified with humanity, buried with all of humanity. IT IS NOT, TRYING HARDER, If you hear this and you say,"I'M GOING TO TRY HARDER" You are headed for failure.What we need is a Revelation of Jesus Christ, and what he did for and as us.Actually we need an understanding of him unveiled in us, uncovered in us. He need to be uncovered, so he can be seen by us, in us. ONCE YOU SEE, THEN YOU CAN BECOME. If you don't know him, and know what he did for and as us, then you will never sit down with him at rest, in his finished work. There will always be something you try to do or try to improve, you will be trying to do good things to please God. We cannot preform, we can not do to be, nothing that you do will ever be enough, It is simply, setting down, and resting in the finished work of Christ. JUST RELAX, LET THE HOLY SPIRIT SHOW YOU, THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO! Remember the disciples, before the cross, before the Holy Sp


THE SEALS BROKEN FROM OUR LIFE'S We are living in the day when Gods Trumpets are sounding, which is a clear sounding voice, we are hearing something, we are hearing of Jesus death, and our union with that death, that got rid of who we used to be in Adam. We are coming to understand that his death was our death, The things that Jesus went through for three days and three nights in his redemptive work.we are also learning of our involvement in that redemptive work. We are finding out that the earthquakes, the famines, the wars, and rumors of wars are all things that we need to experience. The things that we keep feeding our minds of the good and the evil, are what strengthen the seals that have us all sealed up to the place we CAN'T flow with the life he came to bring us, WHAT WE NEED, is to learn of Christs redemptive work, and how all those works effect us, to tears of the seals that are on our lives that keeps that flow of life from happening. We must quit making excuses for

It is Finished

  IT IS FINISHED, IT IS DONE: Let look at what Jesus said on the cross, just before he gave up the ghost, and become obedient to death for Three days and Three nights. John-19-30 Jesus said it is finished, after this he spent three days and three nights suffering the TRAVAIL OF HIS SOUL, God saw the Travail of Jesus soul and in Isaiah-53 it say that God was satisfied with the Travail of Jesus soul, in other words God was satisfied with the once and for all sacrifice of Jesus, that what he has done was enough, we don't have to add anything to what he did and we don't have to take away from what he has done, because God is satisfied, scripture say by the knowledge of his righteous servant (Jesus) he shall justify many for he shall bear their iniquities. So God through the knowledge of Christ, On the throne speaks to the Holy Ghost who also in turn speaks to us, Jesus said the Holy Ghost would take of mine and speak to u all the things that we need to know, to come to the point o

The affections of the soul!

THE AFFLICTION OF THE SOUL, THE MIND; The Psalmist David, said, Before l was afflicted l went astray: but now l have kept thy word. When a believer gets into Gods word, the Lord begins to take his word and cleanse the mind, it is called the washing of the water of the word, Jesus said to the disciples, these words l speak unto you, clean you, make you clean, the words of almighty God, through meditation on what is read, begins an afflicting process, that moves out the enemies thoughts and ways, while replacing, and renewing the mind with the thoughts and ways of the Lord, thus through the afflicting of the mind, a believer is changed to the point, of no longer going astray, the believer is changed from wrong desires to coming to right desires, when your desires are changed, the wants of a believer, no longer exsist, THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD, I SHALL NOT WANT! We see another statement that the Psalmist David said, l know O Lord, that thy judgments are right, and that thou in faithfulness

The reproach of God.

A CALL TO REMOVE THE REPROACH OFF OF GOD' S PEOPLE: Joel-2-17 is a call for the Lords ministers to come to the Altar and call on God, to spare his people from being ruled over by people ,.  It says, LET THE PRIESTS, THE MINISTERS OF THE LORD, WEEP BETWEEN THE PORCH AND THE ALTAR, AND LET THEM SAY, SPARE THY PEOPLE, O LORD, AND GIVE NOT THINE HERITAGE TO REPROACH, THAT THE HEATHEN SHOULD RULE OVER THEM. I am calling all of God's ministers to start intercession on behalf of God's people to remove HEATHEN leaders FROM DEFILING GOD'S HERITAGE, GOD BLESS OUR EFFORTS!!!  When the righteous are in authority,the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn Proverb-29-2